Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits are for people that simply cannot work any longer due to a medical condition or injury that has affected their work for a year or longer. SSD Benefits are there to help people that cannot return to the workplace after a year. This is compensation that would be in addition to the Workers’ Compensation that you are entitled to as well.  

Our attorneys will help clients navigate the SSD system to get them approved. While most are denied in the first round, we work feverishly to get approvals when needed.

Factors used by SSD to determine eligibility:

SSD benefits are awarded when:

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines that a person cannot simply adjust to other forms of work with their current medical condition.
  • A person cannot do the work that they previously were doing.
  • A person’s disability lasts longer than a year or it results in death.

If you meet the above conditions then you may qualify for an SSD.  As soon as you become disabled, you need to contact the SSA.  You can go online and apply or call the SSA for further information and assistance.  However, if you have further questions about the qualification process, we can help as well.

Call Savino & Smollar for assistance in obtaining approval for your SSD benefits. We can assist you to navigate the system and get you approved.  Our office assists clients in English, Polish, Russian, and Spanish to better serve the New York City population.  We understand that this is a melting pot of culture and languages and are here to help.

 Assistance in obtaining the benefits you are qualified for.

People who are employed pay into social security.  This is where the funds come from that assist you when you become disabled.  You have paid into social security through your self-employment taxes as well as if you worked for a company.  To qualify for an SSD you must have been paying into this fund in these ways.

Most of the time people will be denied benefits on the first application.  If this is the case for you, give us a call at 917-882-6213 for assistance.  Don’t take no for the final answer, as that is exactly what they want you to do.  If you have received a letter from the SSA about your SSD benefits being denied, you need to call and schedule an appointment.

Contact us for help.

Your workers’ compensation benefits and the SSD are not related and one will not have an impact on the other.  You are allowed to collect long-term disability insurance, social security disability, Workers’ compensation, and disability pensions all at the same time.  With our 100 years of combined experience in personal and occupation injury, we are ready to fight for you. We work hard to get our clients the compensation they need.  If you have been injured or have a disability call now.  Let’s get your process started as possible as this will take some time.  We assist clients at our three offices in: New York City/Manhattan, Staten Island & Queens – plus we service the nearby areas of Bronx, Brooklyn, Corona, Flushing, Jackson Heights, Jamaica and Maspeth.  Call 917-882-6213 today!