Compensation for occupational diseases

Occupational diseases are workplace-related diseases that occurred from being in the workplace.  While most employers do their best to ensure you have a safe working environment, chemicals and materials can get into the lungs, for example, and cause related diseases.  This is a fairly broad term that carries a lot of room for interpretation.  Call Savino & Smollar, P.C. if you believe that your illness stems from the workplace.  Occupational conditions or activities certainly can be the cause of illness.

Because this is not an injury that simply just happened, an occupational disease is a little more of a challenge to prove.  Diseases often take time to develop and that further adds to the challenge.  However, Savino & Smollar, P.C. take on these challenges and fight for the rights of the workers.  We will help you navigate the system and take on defending you against the employer who will try to cast doubt if the illness is from working in their place or from external sources.  We will dig up the evidence to present your case in a very professional and matter of fact manner.

New York’s common occupational diseases.

The most common occupation disease is related to the respiratory system.  This is due to many occupations exposing their workers to inhale particles and chemicals.  Some examples of this are people in landscaping always in a cloud of gas, construction workers inhaling drywall dust and wood particles, or a baker inhaling flour and sugar all day in the kitchen.  Many of these workers could have a disease such as asthma that further complicates the case but also makes them more prone to lung issues.  

Musculoskeletal disorders are common among people that do physical labor such as demolition and construction.  Bursitis can be caused by having long periods of pressure on the elbows and knees.  

Contact dermatitis is something that is caused by long exposures to chemicals on the skin.  Typically we see this with people that use cleaning products often.  

Carcinogens are what is to be believed to cause some types of cancer.  Awareness of this occupation cancer has become more prevalent in recent years.  Some of the carcinogens we see in the workplace are:

  • Tar, pitch, and anthracene
  • Asbestos
  • Wood dust
  • Benzene, which is a petrochemical used in gas, rubbers, and lubricants.
  • nickel compounds-found it microelectronics and batteries.

Medical workers know their risks to exposure to certain diseases.  However, this exposure if not preventable, sometimes they have an increased risk of accident that leads to disease.

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