Suffering an injury on the job can be a scary time for some with the stress of earning money and the stress of legal proceedings in the way.  For this reason a Flushing workers’ compensation attorney can be extremely beneficial. More often than not, employees do not file lawsuits against their company with a work-related injury.   If injured at work, one would file a claim with the workers compensation board.  The workers’ compensation system in NY ensures injured workers receive financial compensation for “on-the-job” injuries or illness instead of needing to bring the matter to court.   When working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney –  the system works to pay the bills and address medical bills for injured employees.

Attorneys that are familiar with workers’ compensation take the shortcuts you do not know about, saving a lot of time, stress, and aggravation.  The benefits that workers’ compensation injured employees have entitlement to include:

  • Funds for medical expenses
  • Compensation For Lost Income
  • Training rehabilitation
  • Payment to dependents where appropriate

There are 4 different types of workers’ compensation categories found in NY: Temporary Partial, Temporary Total, Permanent Partial, and Permanent Total Disability.  There are different criteria for different types of workplace accidental injuries, varying in amount paid to the hurt worker and amount of time the injured person is compensated.  One may ask the question, what kind of injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation payments? A number of the injuries the state sees frequently are: head and neck trauma, extremity (arms/legs/hands/feet) injury, repetitive stress injuries (neck/back/carpal tunnel syndrome), building site falls/accidents, crush injuries, etc.  

Workers Compensation Complexities

Workers’ compensation claims and the laws/regulations around them are complicated.  Your rights to receive advantages from your  employer’s insurance provider  must be protected. It requires a well-versed attorney to understand what can be done to make that happen.  One main concern brought upon by insurance companies is the argument over the severity of the damage and when the injured worker can go back to work.  Far too often injured workers who need continued medical care and wage replacement have their benefits postponed, denied, or cut off.

Third-Party Liability for Workers Compensation in Flushing

Although the employer is liable for workers’ compensation benefits when there is an injury at work, oftentimes there is also third-party liability caused by the same accident.  Through hiring a lawyer, this potential third-party liability can be discovered, resulting in an additional personal injury lawsuit filed against the third-party.  In Flushing, third-party claims may enable you to get additional compensation and punitive damages  for many of the losses a personal or workplace injury has caused.  These losses include: past or future medical bills, loss of relationship with spouse, lost income, emotional problems and mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of potential earnings, and disfigurement/scarring.  To find the potential value of the claim, contacting a skilled lawyer is the first step in the right direction.

Contact A Flushing Law Office With Workers’ Compensation Experts & Experience

At Savino & Smollar we are committed to obtaining maximum settlement for our clients — with workers’ compensation and personal injury cases being our exclusive focus. If you have been injured and are seeking a potential settlement please contact Savino & Smollar 917-882-6213   Our in-depth knowledge and experience in our focus practice areas of workers’ compensation and personal injury afford our clients unmatched experience & knowledge to get the best outcome

Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDB) exist to help people who have developed or experienced an unforeseen change in their physical or mental ability.  The inability to work and provide for yourself and your family is a true hardship — one the attorneys at Savino & Smollar understand perfectly as we’ve pursued such benefits for countless clients.   SSDB provides income for many who are in need of the benefits, however  the application process can be complicated, tedious and quite selective.  With around 60% of applications being denied each year, it is no real surprise that most first time applicants are turned away.  For a few, these benefits are a total necessity, that is why it is crucial to have an experienced attorney by your side throughout the process.  Savino & Smollar can assist clients near Flushing from any of our three offices: in Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island.

Attaining Your Benefits

There are many disabilities that can prevent someone from being able to work. Most underlying, debilitating conditions will make you qualified to receive SSDB.  Unfortunately, based on the rules set by the Social Security Administration – normally it takes some effort to prove the extent of the disabilities and be eligible for benefits.  This administration has a definition of what is considered a disability.  The Social Security administration defines a disability that could qualify for Social Security benefits as: the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) which may be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of no less than a year.  This definition, found on the Social Security Administration website, lays out the fundamentals of what would allow someone to get Social Security Disability Benefits.  They are not the only requirements for applicants.  The other important detail is that you need to have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, this period of time is usually around 10 years in the workforce.

Social Security Disability Benefits can also be available for a “fixed period” of disability, meaning that you do not have to be permanently out of work to make a claim; just disabled from doing work for a certain period of time after reaching eligibility. In the event that you do end up qualifying for these benefits, you could be getting paid on a monthly basis if your condition lasts a year longer or if your condition lasts the duration of your life.  With a staggering 60% denial rate for first-time benefit applications, the procedure can be very daunting —  which is why getting an experienced lawyer to represent you is of the utmost importance. With an expert Social Security Disability attorney fighting for your benefits, the process becomes easier and stress is instantly relieved as you are not fighting alone.

Contact an Attorney with Social Security Disability Experience In Flushing

Finding a knowledgeablel expert lawyer for your case can be considered a frustrating and scary task,  as many lawyers claim expertise in Social Security Disability Benefits law but do not have the qualifications or actual experience to fight through all the bureaucratic obstacles required.  At Savino & Smollar you will get a team of attorneys with specific experience in cases much like yours.  This experience comes with a deep knowledge of legal requirements surrounding Social Security Disability cases and a network of industry professionals who’ll investigate your case and identify what is needed to get you the best benefits possible.  Our attorneys (conveniently located near Flushing ) will also walk you through every step of your process to make sure that you understand what has been done on your behalf.  If you are disabled and cannot work we encourage you to reach out to us at our office number 917-882-6213.  Together we will fight for, and obtain the maximum benefits possible for you.

Construction is one of the most physically intensive industries so it is no real surprise that the construction employees are some of the most susceptible to injury.  Construction ranks in the top 10 of America’s most dangerous jobs with thousands of employees harmed or killed due to injuries on the job, unsafe working conditions at the  jobsite, and other factors resulting in serious medical problems.   Although it is said that most catastrophes on construction sites can be prevented, when they do occur you need a qualified attorney to take care of the multiple and complex aspects of these claims.  Almost all construction accidents in NY result in in a Workers’ Compensation claim.  All construction companies, including General and Sub Contractors in the state of New York must have workers’ compensation insurance to compensate injured workers both financially and by providing proper health care.  Far Too Often injured workers attempt to navigate this challenging process on their own, causing themselves more stress.  Having a skilled and aggressive lawyer at your side can make all the difference between getting the limited benefits the insurance company wants to give you, versus getting the maximum benefits you deserve.   

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

Each year, New York sees hundreds, if not thousands of construction site accidents.  A number of these accidents result in severe physical injury, psychological trauma, and, unfortunately, many deaths.  While some injuries are purely accidental, many are the consequence of negligence of a third-party.  In addition to claiming medical and cash benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Law, many of these accidents lead to significant third-party lawsuits brought against one or more liable parties.  When you cannot sue YOUR employer in NY, you can file claims against other responsible parties, including General Contractors, Sub Contractors, building & land owners, equipment owners & manufacturers and others.  Whether your injury is caused by a scaffold shift or collapse, faulty or poorly positioned ladders or steps, unsafe machinery, wall/ceiling/floor collapse, vehicle negligence, improper or lack of safety measures on the job site, a claim may be brought on your behalf.


We have an incredible and experienced team of Construction attorneys who have fought for and won huge amounts of money in settlements for our clients.


For over 50 years, our attorneys  have helped workers in Flushing (and the surrounding area)  recover settlements from construction accidents.

There are numerous ways you can be hurt on the construction site- from the negligence of a General Contractor, to the actions of the Sub Contractor and everything in between.  There are also many ways you can recover money from such accidents and injuries.  Our lawyers will identify the liable third-parties and bring the proper action in Court.  Our trial attorneys are experienced litigators and negotiators who, on case after case, secure the maximum settlement for our clients.  


Construction Accident Cases We Handle In Flushing

The idea of workers’ compensation is intertwined with personal injury as it pertains to construction accidents.  While our attorneys are fighting to secure weekly payments and medical benefits for you under the Workers’ Compensation Law, we are also focusing on the liable parties who may be negligent in an injury suit due to the same accident.  

Being one of the very dangerous jobs in the world, construction has a very broad definition of what a workplace injury is as there are almost infinite possibilities as to what could happen on the job.  With an infinite amount of possibilities, the investigation may become difficult as all outside factors have to be considered, mainly by the insurance company. Types of accidents on construction sites include:

  • Worker falls from unstable scaffolding or ladders
  • Scaffold and ladder collapse/ shift
  • Crane collapse/shift
  • Falling over debris on the construction site
  • Falling from ANY height
  • Wall and ceiling collapse
  • Falling through floors or improperly covered spaces
  • Electrical Shock.
  • Falling objects
  • Being pinned between, on or under materials
  • Struck by vehicles
  • Saw, drill & other machinery accidents
  • Faulty Machinery
  • Chemical burns

These are only a sample of how you can be injured.  Each fact pattern presents its challenges.  That’s why having a professional and experienced lawyer at your side is essential to acquiring the maximum possible benefit. In additional to statutory Workers’ Compensation benefits, our experienced Personal Injury attorneys will seek the maximum benefit for you, including payment for:

  • Disability and permanent injuries
  • Future medical expenses, including prescription medication and home care
  • Monetary damages for Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of income and/or inability to earn a future income
  • Death claims
  • Benefits for spouse and children

Why Must I Hire a Construction Injury Lawyer in Flushing ?

There are so many reasons why you will need a professional New York City construction lawyer on your side. An aggressive lawyer can:

  • Investigate your construction accident;
  • Deal directly with your employer and insurance company so you can focus on your recovery;
  • Demand compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and more;
  • Arrange a medical evaluation if your employer orders you to go back to work and you need more time to recuperate
  • File a lawsuit for you if your accident was caused by someone working for another company.

Don’t take chances with your future. Take action. Contact Savino & Smollar 917-882-6213

Contact a Flushing Lawyer with Construction Injury Experience

Choosing a good lawyer is the most important step in the start of a complicated Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation construction accident case.  With many options to choose from, we believe that it is important to let our potential clients know what they are getting when they have a Savino & Smollar attorney.  Our attorneys have a deep understanding for the laws surrounding construction accidents as we have dealt with countless cases in these areas.   Our firm also has connections to a network of industry professionals that will assist investigate your accident and identify liable parties.  Our attorneys will fight their hardest to keep your rights protected and also to help you try to get the best compensation possible for your injury.  If you feel like you have a legitimate construction injury claim please visit our website www, or call us at our office: 917-882-6213 to discuss your situation and possible remedies.

Healthcare workers live their lives caring for those with injuries and illnesses while also being a few of the most at risk employees on the job.  Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and home health workers are all prone to occupational injury or illness.  When this occurs, a skilled & experienced healthcare worker attorney can seek compensation.  With hospitals having the goal of “do no harm” to patients, they put their own employees in danger.  Oftentimes injuries or illnesses suffered on the job will be written off immediately by the victim as a personal accident with no compensation possible.  This is the situation and if the accident makes its way to the employer they will often waive liability and declare that the accident/injury is not covered.  Do not take them at their word as they may not know their own workers’ compensation policy as well as they think.  With the help of a lawyer lawyer at Savino & Smollar, accidents can be investigated and liable parties will be identified, getting the injured or ill the compensation that they deserve.

Healthcare Injuries and Illnesses

The healthcare industry has many inherent dangers.  This does not imply that being injured at work is simply “part of the job.” Injured workers, regardless of the risks involved, are entitled to cash benefits and medical coverage under the New York Workers’ Compensation Law.  Under the law, there is no “fault” involved, and workers do not “assume the risk” while working.  Workers injured on the job, while performing their job duties, have an absolute right to the benefits provided by their employer under the law.  A few examples of injuries suffered by healthcare workers include:

  • Slips and Falls (on premises or off premises if one goes between patient appointments as part of their job)
  • Moving patients/lifting patients
  • Lifting/carrying supplies and equipment
  • Orthopedic traumatic injuries to extremities
  • Needle sticks
  • Patient violence
  • Disease and chemical exposure

Often these kinds of injuries will occur and workers will write it off as just a part of the job, unaware that they could be eligible for compensation.  The healthcare industry has almost double the amount of reported injuries as any other major industry in New York, yet speaking out about getting compensation continues to be a hardship for many workers.  Don’t be afraid to speak up as it is your right as a worker in the state of NY to be compensated for your injuries or illnesses sustained on the job.  Going through this process is difficult for anyone and doing it alone is never a good idea. Speaking with an experienced lawyer located near Flushing about your injury or illness is always the best first step towards compensation.

Contact a Flushing Attorney with Healthcare Worker Injury Experience

With expertise and experience in healthcare work injury cases, at Savino & Smollar you will get an attorney who has only your best interests at heart.  With a deep understanding of the law surrounding workers’ compensation and specifically healthcare workers’ compensation, Savino & Smollar attorneys will always fight to keep your rights protected.  With connections to a network of industry professionals and experts, we will investigate your case and identify all liable parties to get you the best compensation possible.  If you feel as if you have a valid claim for a healthcare work injury, don’t be afraid to reach out to us: 917.882.6213

The last thing an employee wants to worry about is developing an occupational disease while on the job due to actions outside of their control.  Occupational Diseases aren’t limited to serious illness such as cancer. They can be defined as any ailment that is caused by any work related activity in their specific field.  For example, Lead Poisoning, Asbestosis, Silicosis, GERD, Asthma, Chronic Rhinitis are just examples of typical Occupational Disease claims from our construction employee clients.  Whether an illness is considered an occupational disease really does depend on the type of illness.  If a sickness were to be classified as an occupational disease, the compensation would fall under the workers’ compensation insurance that most companies in New York must have.  Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will protect you and provide medical & indemnity (cash) benefits for lost income.  Insurance carriers and employers often fight Occupational Disease claims so it is crucial to have an experienced team of lawyers by your side to navigate these difficult cases.


Flushing Occupational Disease Lawyer

Occupational disease cases are a little different from most workers’ compensation cases. Often there is a delay plus some difficulty in identifying the proper, liable insurance carrier.  This usually occurs when employees are employed at multiple locations (such as construction workers who may work for multiple employers over the years, and even during the same year).  Occupational Disease claims have a tendency to develop over a period of months and years.  An experienced team of attorneys can help identify the proper employer and liable insurance company.   Occupational diseases are not limited to diseases per se, it also includes illnesses such as lead poisoning and respiratory issues caused by your work environment.   Repeated exposure to chemicals is another major cause of Occupational Disease claims. These often occur in manufacturing industries.  Respiratory diseases tend to be common and often found in construction industry workers, especially “sand hogs”, who use heavy machinery to dig.  Carpenters, iron workers, laborers, bridge painters and the like are often subjected to occupational hazards. We’ve decades of experience litigating and winning benefits for our clients in such cases.   Many of these cases can result in life-long medical necessities, resulting in large and complex workers’ compensation cases.  We recommend you do not ignore initial signs of a potential workplace injury or occupational disease — have it examined before you face large ongoing medical expenses and have an experienced attorney research a remedy that will compensate you for your lost time from work.

Occupational Disease Complexities

While most workers’ compensation cases carry a high degree of complexity — occupational disease claims can be even more difficult.  The focal point within an occupational disease case claim is the discovery and timing of the condition in question.  With the proper research and investigation, liable parties can be determined and the correct benefits necessary to make the injured party whole become evident — leaving little room for the insurance companies to dispute.  With this complication in mind –  it can often take a lot of discussion and research between lawyer and insurance company in order to obtain a client the compensation they deserve.  Dealing with this can be some of the most frustrating times in someone’s life and having an experienced lawyer makes the process faster & easier and therefore less mentally draining.

What is an Occupational Disease?

By definition under the Workers’ Compensation Law, an occupational disease is any condition or disorder resulting from the specific factors and requirements of your employment.  For instance, if you are an asbestos handler and are identified as having asbestosis, this problem would be considered an occupational disease under the law.  If you deal with radioactive substances and develop cancer, this too would be an example of an occupational disease.  Another example of a common occupational disease is lead poisoning from commercial paints.  Many bridge painters have problems with lead poisoning due to daily contact with lead paint fumes, scrapings and dust.    

Many construction workers suffer from the effects of dust and silica exposure, causing severe respiratory and gastrointestinal problems.  Many of these conditions are debilitating and can cause long term injury or death.  These conditions include GERD, rhinitis, COPD, asbestos-related pleural disease, asbestosis, silicosis, occupational asthma, and many other diagnoses.  

Exactly what is a Repetitive Trauma?

Within the Workers’ Compensation Law, there is no specific designation for “repetitive trauma.”  These are simply physical injuries arising out of repetitive on-the-job movements.  A lot of these types of injuries are debilitating and permanent, often resulting in surgery and the necessity for extended medical care & rehabilitation.    Common examples of “repetitive trauma” include 

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Cervical & Lumbar Conditions
  • Trigger Finger Conditions
  • Occupational Hearing Loss
  • Occupational Vision loss

Why Do You Need An Experienced Attorney?

As occupational disease and repetitive claims go, they are some of the more challenging cases to win.  Many times the insurance company will immediately decline such a claim, resulting in the necessity for extended litigation.  The injured worker will be called to testify to their job duties, exposure and other factors.  Their doctors will be deposed by the insurance company’s defense experts.  It is our job to prepare you for your testimony, ensure the medical documentation is in order, and litigate the matter to a satisfactory result. 

Lawyers with Occupational Disease Experience in Flushing

 At Savino & Smollar, we have the experience in handling all types of Occupational Disease and repetitive trauma claims. We will continue to work with you and your doctors to acquire both the medical and wage benefits you are entitled to. If you have developed an Occupational Disease while working, or have questions about the law surrounding these claims, please call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at (917) 882-6213, or visit our website:   For your convenience we have 3 locations to help clients near Flushing: in Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island.

Being involved in a work related injury can be one of the most frustrating situations an individual can go through.  With a large number of workplace injuries occurring in the areas near Flushing each year, it is no real surprise that all companies are necessary to have workers’ compensation insurance in the state of NY.  The workers’ compensation system in NY was created to ensure that injured workers receive financial restitution for their work-related injuries or illnesses without having to bring their claims to civil court.  Using the support of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, we will help you navigate the legal side of things to facilitate funds for medical expenses and making ends meet during recovery.   The legal professionals at Savino & Smollar can do a proper investigation to discover what injuries occurred and who must be held liable.

Flushing Occupational Injury Lawyer

With insurance being required in New York, workers’ compensation benefits are not terribly difficult to obtain after experiencing an injury.  The issue comes with determining the proper amount of the compensation for the duration of the injury or illness.  Realizing that your claim is legitimate is an important part of the workers’ compensation process.  After the nature and severity of a workplace injury is assessed, we are able to move your claim forward in an effective and timely manner.  Types of on-the-job accidents that would be eligible for compensation:

  • Construction site, automotive, factory, and commercial accidents
  • Environmental hazards
  • Insufficient training or safety rules
  • Co-worker accidents
  • Amputation due to faulty machines
  • Electrocution, burn, repetitive motion, faulty machinery, and crushing injuries
  • Head or spine injuries from falling objects 

Knowing your claim is legitimate makes the procedure significantly more smooth at the start but unfortunately regulations surrounding occupational injury is complicated.  Having a skilled lawyer to help navigate you through this time is crucial as they will always fight so your rights are protected and that you will be compensated as much as needed.

Third-Party Liability in Occupational Injury Claims

In addition to filing a claim against your employer’s insurance company, in many cases there could be additional third-party liability. Through hiring a lawyer, this third-party can be recognized as being responsible and claims can be brought against them accordingly.  In Flushing, third-party claims provide you compensation for most of the losses that a personal or workplace injury has caused.  These losses include: past or future medical expenses, loss of relationship with spouse, lost income, emotional distress and mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss in potential income, and disfigurement/scarring.  To find the potential value of a claim, contacting a skilled attorney is the first step in the right direction.

Occupational Injury Complexities

Having an injury that is distinctly covered by workers’ compensation diminishes some of the strain of being injured but unfortunately there is sometimes trouble being compensated correctly.  With a large number of occupational injuries across the state, it is no real surprise that insurance firms look for places to save lots of money.  They do this by attempting to limit the cash and medical payments made in each claim.  Often they will try to diminish the severe nature of injuries, saying they take less time to come back from than they do or claiming they aren’t as permanent as the victim says they are.  The insurance companies have their own doctors who are hired specifically to limit your benefits. Having an experienced attorney with you provides protection from the insurance company, we can fight their doctors, and argue for the maximum amount of benefits possible for your injuries.  

Contact a Flushing Attorney with Occupational Injury Expertise

Hiring a lawyer can be a new thing for some people and knowing what you gain from it is very important.  When hiring an lawyer from Savino and Smollar you get someone who:

  • Has experience & knowledge in cases very similar to yours
  • Can investigate your injury and place parties liable
  • Will walk you through the process
  • Ensures your rights are protected
  • Can handle third party investigations and liability

If you have been injured and need legal assistance for proper conclusion to your case, contact the injury attorneys at Savino & Smollar or call us at (917)882-6213

Getting hurt on the job puts one in a stressful and aggravating situation immediately after it occurs.  Involuntary time off from work is not something anyone wants and the only hope is that the injury isn’t permanent.  Looking at weeks or months off is terrifying if your income is a significant contributor to your family’s finances.  Along with these worries there’s also the financial strains of medical bills and making ends meet.   Bills from hospitals, doctors and related medical services can be both shocking and frustrating.  Having your future tampered with by an accident is something nobody should ever have to go through and having an experienced lawyer is the first step in remedying the problem.  

Flushing Personal Injury Attorneys

All companies must have workers’ compensation insurance in New York which opens the door for claims to be filed by injured persons.  At Savino & Smollar we assist clients in this process by investigating the accident, identifying the responsible parties, and filing the proper legal claim.   With offices near Flushing, our experienced attorneys can navigate you through this long and often frustrating legal process so you can concentrate on getting the proper health care and recover from your injuries. We have the knowledge, skill & experience to get you the money you deserve.  Oftentimes insurance representatives will try and dispute these claims, so knowing what constitutes a personal workplace injury is important.  Some of the main types of on-the-job accidents are:

  • Construction site, automotive, factory, and industrial accidents
  • Environmental hazards
  • Insufficient training or safety rules
  • Co-worker accidents
  • Amputation due to faulty machines
  • Electrocution, burns, faulty machinery, and crush injuries
  • Head or spine injuries from falling objects 

Even though the employer may be at fault in some instances, in others there is third-party liability (someone other than your employer) along with a workers’ compensation claim.  By hiring a lawyer, we can identify the third-party and file a personal injury claim.  The third party can be identified as being responsible and claims can be brought against them accordingly.  In Flushing, third-party claims will bring you compensation for many of the losses that a personal or workplace injury has caused.  These losses include: past or future medical bills, loss of relationship with spouse, lost wages, emotional distress and mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of potential income, and disfigurement/scarring.  To discover the potential value of a claim, contacting an experienced lawyer is the first step in the correct direction.

Personal Injury Complexities 

Oftentimes, in workplace injury claims, the insurance firms will attempt to dispute the severe nature of the injury as well as the recovery time.  The laws around this are complicated and to truly navigate it in the most optimal way, a skilled lawyer is necessary.  Your right to the employer’s insurance must be protected as it is what keeps your household stable in the troubling time of being injured. 

Contact a Flushing Attorney with Personal Workplace Injury Experience

Hiring a lawyer can be a new thing for some people and knowing what you can gain is really important.  When hiring an attorney from Savino & Smollar you get a legal professional who:

  • Understands the laws governing your case
  • Will investigate your injury and spot liabilities
  • Has experience completing similar cases
  • Will go through the whole legal process with you
  • Ensures your rights are protected
  • Can handle third party investigations and prove liability

If you have been injured and are seeking a potential settlement; contact Savino & Smollar / (917)882-6213

Repetitive stress injuries, otherwise known as repetitive motion injuries, are regrettably common in a lot of NY workplaces.  Being a few of the most devastating types of injuries, they occur all over the body, most commonly in the hands, arms, and neck.  These types of injuries cause damage to the tendons, nerves, and muscles from many years of improper and excessive use.  These injuries are often as painful and debilitating as injuries which come from serious accidents. Completing the same repetitive task for months or years can cause trauma leading to orthopedic injuries. Though it is commonplace for workers, current and retired, to write off these injuries as a part of the work, they are still covered under the New York State Workers’ Compensation law.  You may be eligible for ongoing medical care, weekly benefits and permanent injury awards if you have been suffered repetitive trauma injuries.  Oftentimes, there is no specific traumatic accident to trace the injury back to in these repetitive injury claims. Many times they involve a more complicated type of workers’ compensation case and hiring a skilled lawyer is a wise step in the right direction when pursuing benefits.

Repetitive Stress Injury in Flushing

Within the workers’ compensation system, repetitive stress injuries are dealt with in the same manner as other workplace injuries.  Most businesses in NY are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.  While these are some of the most common injuries in the workplace, repetitive stress injuries don’t have a specific date and time to trace the injury back to, thus making it more tedious to develop a claim.  Many times, injured workers who develop these repetitive stress injuries been employed by for multiple employers over the course of years.  It is very important to have the right attorney assisting you in identifying the liable employer, acquiring the proper medical report, and filing a timely claim.  There are many different kinds  of repetitive stress injuries, and they come from all kinds of workplaces.  Certain industries have a higher rate of repetitive stress and trauma incidents, including carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, knee & shoulder injuries,  neck & back claims and dozens more.  A few examples of workplaces that are at higher risk for repetitive stress injuries are workplaces that have consistent interaction with:

  • Vibrating Machinery (jackhammers, etc) 
  • General construction (including use of tools like screwdrivers, hammers & wrenches)
  • Computer use
  • Industrial & commercial painting
  • Driving (including bus & train operators, taxi and car-for-hire drivers, etc. 

These above examples are but a few of the industries troubled by repetitive stress injuries. These illnesses are serious and require significant medical attention.  Frequently these injuries require continued medical attention for the remainder of the patients’ life, and inhibit a person’s ability to return to work.  Most Workers’ Compensation laws are complicated and frustrating to non-experts, thus having an experienced lawyer from Flushing is of the utmost importance.

Repetitive Stress Injury Disputes

Many times determining the liable party in a repetitive stress claim is difficult and frustrating.  Insurance companies will most likely make an effort to blame each other in an effort to avoid liability. With the help of an educated and experienced repetitive stress attorney, utilizing their network of industry professionals, they can investigate your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.  Without a team working to prove your claim and getting you the benefits you need, getting compensation becomes difficult as insurance representatives look for any excuse to not pay for medical and indemnity benefits.

Contact A Flushing Lawyer with Repetitive Stress Injury Experience

Pursuing a claim for workplace injuries can be complicated & stressful but having an experienced attorney by your side makes the process faster & easier.  At Savino & Smollar we have Repetitive Stress Injury expertise and will fight to safeguard your rights and get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.  Insurance companies will try to blame your injury on outside causes, but our attorneys will allow you to prove that your injuries are a result of on-the-job repetitive bodily stress.  If you want to discuss your case, call us today at 917-882-6213

At Savino & Smollar, we have the experience in handling all types of Workers Compensation, Social Security Disabiliy and related personal injury claims. We will work with you and your doctors to obtain both the medical and wage benefits you are entitled to. When you have sustained an injury or accident while working, or have questions about the law surrounding these claims, please call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at (917)882-6213   For your convenience we have three locations to help clients near Flushing: in Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island.