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Savino & Smollar, P.C. are all about helping you get through these difficult and scary times. We are all about our clients and want what is in their best interest.  If you have been injured on the job, we will fight to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation is a tricky process that you shouldn’t navigate alone.  They don’t make it easy for a reason, they don’t want to have to pay.  However, at Savino & Smollar, we understand the fullest extent of the law and have been doing this work for a combined 100 years.  We have worked on complex cases down to something simple but continued to get denied.  With our extensive knowledge, we are able to put the law to work for you.  We are members of the following organizations as well.

  • Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group (WILG)
  • New York State and New York City Bar Associations
  • Society of New York Workers’ Compensation Bar Association
  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • Westchester County Bar Association
  • Richmond County Bar Association

Our attorneys want what is best for you!

We work with people that are seeking Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability Benefits.  If you have been injured at work in an accident, find that you are slowly being injured due to repetitive motion at work.  Things such as carpal tunnel are very common with office workers.  People that work in construction can find that they are having back pain and issues due to the constantly be in motion and carrying heavy loads.  If you are one of the 1000s of people in our medical industry, you are exposed to deadly virus all the time.  Be sure that when you are injured that you call someone you trust.  

Don’t try to navigate the systems alone.  You will find it frustrating and time-consuming. You have enough to worry about.  After all, you have medical and financial burdens that are piling up and you will get nowhere with these large agencies.  Talk to us.  We have done this countless times and are experienced in getting what you deserve, which could be more than you initially thought possible.  We work with you and for you until you are paid.  Our services are not paid for until you get results.  Call today.  917-882-6213.

Take a look at our current attorneys:

Daniel J. Savino Jr. Esq.

Jason Smollar Esq.

Valerie Marie De Peppo-Malloy Esq.

Brett Aurrichio

Daniel J. Savino Jr. Esq finished the bar in 1991 and studied in Nova University Center for the Study of Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jason Smollar Esq studied at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of law right here in New York City.  And, finished the bar in 1999 in New Jersey and 2000 for New York.  

Valerie Marie De Peppo-Malloy Esq. studied at the New York Law School right here in New York City and finished the bar in 2005. 

Brett Aurrichio studied that the Brooklyn Law school and graduated in 2014

We welcome you to give us a call and ask questions regarding our attorneys.  Let us help you with the very best attorneys around.  Call 917-882-6213.  We offer our services in Polish, Russian, Spanish, and English for your convenience.